Chantelle MontgomeryHmm, I LIKE going to visit at the guest house with the Ellenbergers, and last night for Louise’s 60th birthday was certainly no exception, because quite simply put, each and every time I’m over there, I get inundated with compliments about Chantelle and just how good she is and just how lucky I am to have her in my life.

Which naturally makes me swell up with pride because damn right, I AM the luckiest man on Earth and come November she’s going to be ALL mine! ;)

Oh, and as per usual, she pulled out all the stops, organising a wonderful big birthday bash for Louise, complete with balloons, snackies, caterers (can from now on highly recommend The Gourmet Chef by the way) and a whole lot of dessert goodies – including a great big chocolate cake of course!

(Just a pity that the sparklers adorning the cake lasting exactly for the ‘HA’ part of ‘Happy Birthday! Still, the magic candles which refused to go out more than made up for those piffling little sparklers…)

One question does remain after a great night of card tricks, booze, food and some live music courtesy of Whambo as Andy so lovingly refers to her dad – where was the stripper cake or penis tie babes? I’m assuming they must have slipped your mind while you were so busy getting everything ready? O.o