Annoyed FaceAaarrrgghhh!! So frustrating! It took a whole hour and a half to get home tonight, making me just late enough so that I miss Karate. Damn it, I was so looking forward to class tonight – haven’t been to a training session in like a month! :(

(Thank goodness I at least got two gym sessions in today already, so not all is lost. Oh, and the fact that Chantelle was earlier talking about some or other company called the ‘DTI’ that if you complain enough to them, you can get a bothersome operator shutdown – she’s being harrassed by two con artists SA Image Solutions and Market Pro if you must know – to which I guffawed loudly and smartly informed her that the ‘DTI’ is in fact the Department of Trade and Industry (dti), in other words a well-known government facility. Admittedly, her little goof did put the smile back on my dial! It’s the small things I tell you! :D)

Oh, and disappointingly enough, Mr. Guillaime Nel, formerly of Presenze, has turned down our offer, so he won’t be joining our development team over at Touchwork. We do however have a new secretary/tester/PA in the form of Kim, though sadly that comes at the price of Kelsey who leaves us tomorrow. And lastly, condolences to Dave’s family for the passing away of his mom’s mom this morning.

Sjoe, quite a busy day after all. No wonder I didn’t get a chance to write up about the weekend just yet!