Pinnacle Point HomeOkay, so I had an absolutely amazing long weekend, no lies there. This was to be the first family weekend away in absolute years and I was looking extremely forward to it, especially thanks to the fact that the venue for the getaway was to be Dad’s newly purchased fractional ownership in a house up on Pinnacle Point Golf Estate, Mossel Bay.

But when Chantelle and I finally arrived on Friday afternoon after leaving behind a lazy morning of packing, cleaning up and a quick bite to eat at Wimpy, we were stunned at the actual place Pops had bought into – truly one of those amazing ‘Top Billing’ homes that everyone always dreams of one day owning. Huge, modernly decorated, a fancy swimming pool running down the side, and with balconies sticking out of just about every side, complete with some spectacular views over the golf estate and sea, this truly is one of those dream homes. Extremely comfortable and elegantly decorated, leaving one with the lasting impression that they too are someone quite rich and undoubtedly famous! :)

Ryan, Claire and Riley were already there, but for the most part were out and about, zipping around on the house’s awesome little golf cart (the essential mode of transport for the estate). Admittedly the weather wasn’t particularly great and so the decision to get the braai (which was to be our supper of choice for the rest of the weekend just by the way) in nice and early was taken and so everyone jumped in and got to it. By the time the meat was finally finished, it was bitterly cold and with a warm fire taking hold in the indoor fireplace, we tucked in and got up to date with all the news from everyone.

Now the plan for the Friday night had been to have supper and then hit the nearby casino (literally up the road), but everyone was feeling quite chilly and not really in the mood to go out, and besides, the DSTV movie ‘Bakgat!’ was proving quite hilarious and entertaining on the lounge’s 42 inch flatscreen TV! :)

After a heavenly night’s rest in our mod, open-plan, en suite bathroom, room, Chantelle and I were up and at them on Saturday morning, preparing a delicious big family breakfast of bacon, egg and croissants, which quite frankly, turned out rather delicious! Next up on the agenda was a scintillating game of Scrabble, with Riley easily taking the honours, after which we then rounded Mom and Dad up and headed down the road to Jukani, a big cat wildlife sanctuary that appears to have popped up in the time since we were last at Mossel Bay (which was last year with Monty and Cheryl if I remember correctly).

Jukani turned out to be an amazing experience, with us spending a good couple of hours amongst their magnificent collection of big cats, including lions, tigers, cheetah and leopards, and with an extremely likeable, friendly and very knowledgeable guide to boot. Certainly a visit worth the entrance fee (which at R100 does admittedly feel a little steep), and I’ll be pretty amazed if you can go for a visit and come out complete and utterly bored out of your mind.

From there C and I made a quick shuttle to Mossel Bay’s big mall (the name of which I’ve now forgotten – ‘Lange’ something I think) and then after yet another delicious braai it was time to get dressed and head off to the casino – where we promptly all lost our money on the slots. Damn casino and the false sense of ‘Lady Luck’s smiling on you’ that they always seem to instil in you! :P

And then it was Sunday, which of course simply had to be opened with a 9 hole golf session at the Mossel Bay golf club (simply put, there is no ways I can afford Pinnacle Point’s green fees), which admittedly did not go spectacularly well, despite the glorious weather that had finally arrived in Mossel Bay. I did however manage not to break anything, which is particularly amazing when you look on all the houses on lining the holes on this equally beautiful golf course, with a lookout over the sea on just about each every single hole! (Maybe next time I’ll spend a few sessions at the driving range before blurting out, ‘I know, let’s play some golf on Sunday’!)

Back home, Riley, Claire and Ryan packed up and finally deserted us, leaving Chantelle and myself jetting around the estate in the golf cart and taking in all the magnificent houses and housing development that seem to litter the fynbos-rich environment. However, empty tummies can only run for so long, and so it was back to the house for one final lunch with Mom and Dad before we too packed up and ran, quite mournfully leaving Pop’s beautiful paradise behind.

For Chantelle the race was on to make the final Idol’s episode, but unfortunately roadworks on the N2 put a monkey wrench in her plans and so we arrived just in time to catch the end of it, with her ultimately quite disappointed when the final victor was announced.

Me on the other hand was quite content in faffinf around and doing not much of anything.

So thanks Ryan, Claire, Riley, Mom and Dad for a brilliant time away from home. Yup, was indeed an awesome long weekend away, wouldn’t you say? :)