Patricia LewisIf you are anything like me, then this news may very well make you smile, but unfortunately it is underlined by such sad circumstances that even I can’t find the mean streak needed to laugh at this poor woman’s misfortune.

I spotted this article on News24 this morning, and in essence it reports on the fact that the well known and extremely popular Afrikaans singer, blonde Barbie-lookalike Patricia Lewis may very well have cancer, after six tumours were found attached to her thyroid.

One of these tumours in particular appears to be growing very fast and is currently, quote, “the size of a small apricot”. Needless to say, doctors want them out as soon as possible (whether cancerous or benign), but the problem with this is that the particular operation may very well scar her vocal cords which would naturally mean that her singing career in all essence would be over.

So most definitely very sad news for her fans it must be said, and I guess we can all only wish her luck with whatever now comes next…

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