Irish SymbolsHmm, don’t think I’ve shared our big news on this platform just yet, so here goes…

Now as you know by now, C and I will be getting married in November, and as such have steadily been organising all the big things behind the scenes as our date creeps ever closer. One of the big things we’ve yet to organise however is our honeymoon, partly because we can’t quite work out where we both want to go, and more importantly, because we can’t quite find something that our relatively limited budget would actually allow for! :_)

But that has now all changed, thanks to an extreme moment of generosity, courtesy of Whammy and Louise Ellenberger, Chantelle’s (generally) beloved bosses and owners of the Gordon’s Beach Lodge, the guest house that C manages (just in case you still aren’t up to speed with the Gordon’s Bay branch of the Lotter/Montgomery clan).

Anyway, I’m getting a little off track here, but that’s because what I’m about to say becomes just that much bigger and real to me once I’ve put pen to paper, written it out in black and white so to speak. Oh well, let’s try this again then…

So some guests (friends of Whammy and Louise) were engaging Chantelle with talk about our upcoming wedding plans when in mid conversation, Whammy suddenly butted in and said: “Chantelle, you know what I want to do for you? Go on to the RCI website, have a look at anywhere in the world where you want to go, and I will give you my RCI points to do it. And don’t just look at any of the resorts, only Gold Class is good enough for you!”

And that’s that. How do we say thank you for this most awesome of gifts? Simply put, we can’t. This literally gives us a ticket to go wherever in the world we want to, all we have to do is buy the airplane tickets – and with Gran’s already generous gift thrown into the mix, then that becomes no problem at all!

Needless to say, deciding on where we want to go didn’t take very long: the Emerald Isle, the place that Chantelle dreams of going back to and the magical land that I’ve always wished to visit at some point in my life. So Ireland get ready, if everything goes to plan, we’ll be in the middle of Dublin come this November (oh, and we may even pay a visit to Switzerland just because we can. How awesome is that!) :D

So thank you Whammy and Louise – we couldn’t have received any greater gift than this and we both are seriously smiling from ear to ear! It’ll cause permanent scarring if it continues this way I tell you! :P

(And just so you know ALL the cool stuff, the friends who were talking to Chantelle in the first instance also made her a generous offer – they own and operate the big tourist boat around the Victoria Falls on the Chobe river, and they will gladly let us make use of it if we so wish at a GREATLY reduced price! Man, talk about being blessed eh?)