Pyrex Glass Rectangular BowlOoh, did something a little stupid last night after arriving back home after quite an invigorating and soul refreshing karate training session.

I was happily cooking some supper up, frying a few fresh chicken strips and egg on the stove-plates and baking some crumbed chicken cutlets in the oven, when Chantelle arrived home to come and collect her stuff (she’s currently staying over at the guest house thanks to Whammy and Louise going on holiday for the next month!!).

Anyway, she arrived and immediately broke out into conversation mode, with me being surprisingly attentive to her words for a change as I continued to slave behind the stove. My timing was perfect, my final bit of frying was complete, so I emptied the frying pan’s contents onto my awaiting plate and then doused the pan with cold water in order to aid the cleaning process for later.

Still listening to C, I then absentmindedly removed my chicken cutlets from the oven, emptied the glass Pyrex bowl onto my plate and then… yes, you guessed it, doused the baking hot rectangular glass bowl in cold water. (You can ignore the fact that I even managed to do it while balancing the bowl on the very same hotplate that I just removed the frying pan from!).

Needless to say, it wasn’t even two second before the Pyrex bowl neatly (and rather violently) cracked into four large pieces, covering the stove in a mixture of bowling water and cooking leftovers, never mind the huge chunks of former glass bowl.

Yes, not my brightest moment, I will definitely admit.

Oh, and Chantelle was pretty speechless, especially when she realised just how easily I took this quite big faux pas in my stride, grabbing my plate and sitting down to enjoy my still piping hot bachelor’s meal, complete with a great big glass of red wine.

Guess I’ll have to do a spot of replacement shopping come Saturday then? :)