Le Petite Ferme FranshoekIt’s my birthday and I’ll sing if I want to, sing if I want to… :)

Just thought I’d note here on my online ‘diary’ that today marks the 29th year of my existence on this here blue and green planet of ours – 29 years that I have yet to regret! And that’s pretty awesome as far as I’m concerned.

Anyway, had a brilliant weekend leading up to today, kicking off with Wayne, Candice, Karl and Trish staying over with us at the guesthouse on Friday evening. We all first met up at the flat where I donned my ‘Craig, champion braaier’ apron and got to work whipping up a delicious braai (with some assistance from C of course) before it was off to the guest house to get stuck into some serious Balderdash, with Mr. Karl easily trotting off with first prize after hitting the double points squares twice in the game. However, it was most definitely the combination of Wayne and Candice that provided the most laughs – I shall NEVER forget the word ‘spong’ ever again! (Or the dubious movie title, “Get to know your rabbit” – I kid you not).

We all got to bed pretty damn late and surprisingly enough, neither one of our four guests got a good night’s sleep on the gigantic king-sized beds, meaning that we couldn’t exactly brag about just how cool GBL really is. Luckily for us though, C and her staff were more than on the ball when it came to breakfast and we sat down to enjoy a long and lazy breakfast on a particularly sunshine-filled Saturday morning.

Eventually however we had to kick the lot of them out because it was time for Chantelle to surprise me with my treat for my upcoming birthday, namely a wonderfully lazy drive through to Franshoek where we sat down to enjoy a fine meal with possibly the best view of the valley at the delightfully quaint and upmarket Le Petite Ferme. My lamb shank was particularly delicious and it was washed down with a damn nice sauvignon blanc in the company of a wonderful woman – seriously, what more could a man ask for? :)

Naturally a trip to Franshoek is not complete without a trip to the famed Belgian Chocolatiers and yes, C once again stepped out into the light clutching her precious bag of pistachio choccies. Ugh, don’t know how she can like those foul tasting things!

The evening was spent apart as Chantelle was back at the guesthouse (watching Mamma Mia of all things) while I got to grips with cleaning up the house after Friday’s get together and punting out a blog post or two, before rejoining my loved one at the guesthouse and getting in quite the well deserved sleepy time.

Sunday I was up and about quite early again, this time on the mission to get through to Bellville in order to return some shoes for C, purchase a yellow belt for Karate, pick up Ryan’s video camera for my upcoming documentation of kata because I keep forgetting the damn things, and to catch the latest Star Trek movie with Mr. Brown, which I have to just go on record and say that I think this is an awesome ‘reboot’ of the franchise and will do well to attract new fan blood to the genre.

The afternoon viewing done, I then dragged Mr. Brown around for a bit of tedious grocery shopping (though I did buy C is a nice surprise gift in the form of SingStar Queen) and then it was back to Ryan to pick up the things I had left with him earlier the day and get to grips with a quick FIFA 09 battle which needless to say he kicked my ass in – Who would have guessed that Cameroon is so much stronger than the Czech Republic?

Anyway, eventually I did get back home to Gordon’s Bay, just in time to catch C baking me a delicious chocolate cake and batch of fridge fudge for the office today. Truly spoiled am I not? A little bit of pizza for supper, a LOT of ironing and cleaning up to do and a squidgen of The Gameplan on MNET was what made up the rest of Sunday night, bringing to a close what was an absolutely brilliant weekend of friends and social interaction.

(Which kind of then makes up for the fact that I’m not actually going to mark this year’s birthday with any sort of gathering whatsoever. What can I say, Monday’s are a sucky day on which to celebrate one’s birthday! But rest assured, next year and the big three oh will by more than properly handled! :D)