SpannerAg no man, my beloved Jetta Jameson is back in the shop – obviously she’s been ridden too hard once again! ;) Once more, surgery is required to fix up all those little imperfections that have left her sounding like a Beetle trying to go up a hill against a gale force wind and with only half the power she used to possess to boot!

If you do follow my postings, then you might recall the last time she was in the shop (back in October last year), she managed to set me back a whopping R11 600, and unfortunately for me, this time around my girl still seems to like the more expensive things in life.

Just got off the phone with Pieter, the mechanic from Disa Auto Services, who happily informed me about all the cracks and whatnots that needs to be repaired (manifold, breaks, etc.), with an amount currently sitting at around R4 600 (and this time I at least know that they give these quotes sans VAT!) and a job that will take more than just today to complete. And knowing the state of my car, you can be pretty sure that amount will most likely increase before the day runs out!

Sigh, so guess it is time to break out those Salticrax again (or at least once again consider a new car like C keeps urging me to invest in…)