SpannerAt long last! After a three day long ordeal that was originally only meant to have been a single day away from the love-pad, Jetta Jameson is finally back and roaring to go. Well at least she’d better be – the final repair bill in getting her up and running again came to a nifty little total of R5524.11!

Damn it, where’s those Salticrax!?

Anyway, once again the actual parts being replaced weren’t a particulary big part of the final bill, no, as per usual it was the labour that absolutely chowed me, with the biggest item being the exhaust manifold removal and refitting, plus the studs and gaskets replacement which they knocked me for R1567.50! Talk about ouchie!

Anyway, the car is up and running a hell of a lot better now and so hopefully she’ll hold up for the next 10 000 kilometers before it needs to go back into the shop – which by my calculations is in the next five to six months or so. Hey, I can’t help it that I now do 2000km per month just riding in and out to work!

Still, I’ve had a look at the figures and she’s still cheaper to run like this than pay off a new or second-hand car, so for now she’ll stay here at Nagua Bay – or at least until Mr. Storbeck decides to upgrade his motorbike and I get to purchase that magnificent beast from him! *hint hint*, Mr. Karl, I am quite serious. Love that bike that you’ve got! :)