Head Resting On PillowOkay, here is a question for all of you dream analyst people out there. I sleep like a log, Chantelle can attest to this. I always get a good night’s rest, just about never dream, apparently snore quite often, and can fall asleep no matter the environmental factors surrounding me.

However, taking those few odd occasions when I do get the luxury of a dream and then splitting those up into the drop in the ocean of bad dreams that I sometimes do experience, why is it that the only bad dream I ever suffer through involves having my car stolen when I pop in for a meeting/delivery/shopping trip?!?

Does this mean something weird?

Am I somehow secretly in love with my Jetta Jameson? Do I have a hidden, sub-concious car fetish? I don’t get it, I really don’t, but there it is. My nightmares all involve my car getting stolen while other people get treated to fun things like adultery, off-coloured wedding dresses and savage poodle attacks.

So the question is, can anyone explain this to me?

(And if you require the specifics, I always sleep on my stomach. These analytical-type people like info like this I’m told…)