Yellow Stained Karate GiAnnoyingly, my fairly brand new large white karate dogi is already looking worse for wear, and no, I’m not referring to the wonderful patch and reinforcing job that mom performed to repair the rather gaping hole that was exposing my ass to all the unsuspecting karateka in the dojo.

No, I’m talking about the rather surprising turn of events where I picked my dogi up off the floor and spotted that pretty much the entire lower back of the jacket is now stained a rather bright and luminous yellow!

It would seem that for future reference, when buying a new colour belt, it is advisable to wash it a couple of times before actually donning it to train in. The combination of sweat and friction between the soggy dogi material and the belt IS sufficient enough to mark the material with quite an unsightly array of colours.

This said, I wonder if I shouldn’t make it my new goal to build up a nice and colourful rainbow on its back then?