Spilt CoffeeWow, what an awesome sound and light show Thor gave us Capetonians this morning! The most beautiful, big flashes of lightning combined with some thunderous, well, thunder.

But despite this awesome display from Mother Nature and a good sweat session early this morning at the gym, today just looks like it is not going to be my day. (And I can’t even blame the horrendous amount of American Idols with that emo-tard Adam Lambert that Chantelle had subjected me to last night either).

Now packing my bag for the morning is a fine art and even more importantly, a precise science. One carefully needs to measure the amount of t-shirts, socks, underwear, shirts and shoes that all need to be packed in, taking into account the amount of training sessions planned for the day, the type of exercise sessions required, contingencies, what work meetings you might have lined up, etc.

And so I take great pleasure in performing this nightly ritual of packing my bag perfectly and precisely, and as such, have yet to get it wrong since I’ve joined up here at the Steenberg Virgin Active facility. That was until this morning though. The fateful morn when I stood there, naked in the changing room, and realised that I had forgotten to pack in… well, a pair of black socks.

Disaster I tell you.

The only socks I had left is the ones I just trained in, white ‘secret’ socks (who really don’t possess any secrets you know. I’ve pleaded, asked and tortured, but nothing – all they give me is their batch code and cotton percentage) which unfortunately no matter how hard you try, just don’t go with black shoes and jeans.

Sigh, so I did the only logical thing available to me and ditched my work shirt and shoes, and instead put on my holey white run-down cross-trainers underneath my jeans and then complimented it with a black t-shirt. Needless to say I can only hope that I have no customer run-ins or unscheduled meetings jumped on me! (Oh, and by the way, the completed package included me donning my full-length rain jacket, the overall effect being that it now looks like Touchwork employs hobo monkeys to do all of its coding work!)

Ah, but that’s not where it ends folks. No sooner had I got into my office, made a nice fresh cup of coffee, started up my PC and sat down, when naturally I managed to elbow over said cup of coffee all over my desk, keyboard and lap.


…not sure how the rest of the day is going to treat me now? :(