Black Diamond Wedding RingMonday morning, and it’s straight back to the grindstone, but it’s all good considering what a relaxed and lekker weekend I’ve had. Apart from our little trip through to Cape Town, more on that a little later in this post, we kicked off Friday evening with a sleep-over at the guesthouse with Malcolm and Andri, who happily joined us in re-creating our last get together in Gordon’s Bay way back in September of last year, by going once again to Ben’s on the Beach, once again being seated at the same table and once again getting exactly the same waitress as what we had the last time around.

(Naturally I couldn’t remember all this minute details from an event so long ago, so it was all new to me, but the others assured me that I was just being a Wally.)

As per usual, the food was excellent and in particular, I quite enjoyed the wine that we had lugged along, thought a little too much some would say. But who cares, I had fun, even if the world was spinning just that little when I finally got back to bed! :P

Saturday on the other hand we had Retha, Miguel, Monty, Cheryl and Rob join us in the evening, with us hitting the Spur this time around (yeah, SFHE was well and truly out of the door for this weekend), for a fabulous evening of food, fun and laughter. And don’t think I was left off the hook in the mornings either, no, vecause as per usual the guest house treated one and all to brilliant big breakfasts, complete with little cheeses, muffins and ham! :)

However, still we were not done on the food front because for Sunday late lunch, Monty had worked hard in front of the coals, whipping up one of his famous ‘water-blommetjie potjies’ that is good enough to turn even the hardest non-veggie eaters into a green rabbit-food muncher. Just as well we had seen the morning through with that delightful little stroll down through the harbour and past bikini beach to make space for the food that was still to come then!

(And just a note on the walk – man can Monty motor if he wants to! Rob and I were left completely choking on his dust for the most part!)

But despite all these wondrous social activities, the real highlight of the weekend has got to be Chantelle’s and my trip through to Cape Town on Saturday morning, 69 Short Market street to be more precise (which is for you information, not located between 68 and 70 Short Market at all!).

Our destination, Linde Collection, a jeweller that Angie (C’s personal trainer) had recommended to us and who we were quite keen on meeting. And just as well it turns out because we were more than suitably impressed with the very likeable and professional Mr. Philip van der Linde who listened to our ideas, spent a lot of time explaining concepts like ‘black diamonds’ to us and in the end presented us with a great design that both Chantelle and I love, will look absolutely stunning in complement to her engagement ring and then on top of it all, gave us a very reasonable quote that fell directly into my own range of thinking and thus we secured a deal right there and then, with work to commence in early September!

For those of you who want a little more detail, the design we have settled on consists of two narrow bands, narrower than Chantelle’s existing ring, that will fit on either side and who settle in slightly lower than the engagement ring, thus highlighting it as the centre piece of the look. The little rings themselves will have exactly the same ‘look’, mimicking the groove of the ‘mother’ ring but will divert in that they will contain round cut diamonds instead of princess cut pieces, and will feature a zebra-inspired pattern of white and black diamonds in tandem along the length of each ring.

The three will then mostly likely be fused simply to reduce wear and tear on the separate rings (due to friction) and we’ll round everything off with a nice little engraving of something probably along the lines of C&C and the date.

(Needless to say, I wasn’t quite ready to pick out a design for my own piece just yet).

Anyway, so yet another wedding thing handled and ready to be ticked off the list of stuff still to be organised. Seriously, the way that everything has been going and falling into place could just mean that this may be the smoothest and least worrisome of weddings ever! :)