Fish TankAlright my remaining boys. Time to up and at ’em, back to the life of the great big yonder, the endless and vast ocean that is the pet shop oversized fish tanks. Yes, the day has finally dawned where Chantelle too has seen the light and agreed to mothball the fish tank and return our remaining scaly friends from whence they came.

To be honest, the fish tank has been neglected for far too long, simply because we have other, more pressing concerns to take care of in our busy daily lives and to be truthful to our fish, we really haven’t paid them any attention at all since the arrival of the three four-pawed terrors into our household.

And so, the tank has naturally regressed to a point where it keeps overflowing due to blocked filer outlets, pebbles have a consistent mouldy look to them, plants refuse to flourish and slimy is probably the best word to use when describing the tank as a whole.

Oh, and the whole exercise is expensive as well, money that can honestly better be used to pay towards the cost of cat food, something which seems to be rocketing up at the moment on an almost daily basis.

So needless to say I was thus more than pleased when last night Chantelle arrived home and blurted out that she is finally over the whole fish tank thing and we can now finally go ahead and shelve it.

That said, I’m not quite sure how the kitties will react to the news… there seems to be nothing better than giving live snacks the beady eye and mind-fucking with your prey by sprawling out on top of their cage, knowing they have nowhere to run…