Suit and TieAdmittedly, tomorrow’s blog post won’t be live. No, I’ll trick you all by posting it tonight and no one will be any wiser tomorrow morning when it just pitches up on this page unannounced.

But the question is, just why am I going to perform such dastardly trickery on you, my loyal reader?

Well the answer is simple enough – I’m not going to be here tomorrow. No, they have finally managed to tear me away from my darkened, caffeinated corner and are in the process of completing my packaging as I embark on a trip up to Johannesburg tomorrow for the day.

Juan, our sales/marketing guy, has some need of technical muscle as we move into the next phase of our pitch to a pretty major player and seeing as Sven is currently unavailable (busy with some or other conference), the task has fallen to me to back him up for the day.

Naturally this also means that I will be well positioned to klap him behind the ear if he promises too many unreachable goals to our prospective clients! :)

So no, you won’t be able to reach me tomorrow. Meetings, meetings, meetings…