30 Seconds Board GameWow, definitely a good way to end the weekend following quite a busy (and stressful) end to last week. For those of you who aren’t in the loop, Wednesday ended off in a less that awesome way when my car started making some quite frankly disturbing mating calls out of its right-hand front wheel arch as I pulled away to return home after work. Needless to say, the timing of this was less that ideal for poor old Chantelle, because it meant that just after 04:00 the next morning, she was up and at them with me as she now needed to take and fetch me from the airport for my business trip to Johannesburg on Thursday (which went quite well just by the way). (That said, she did get a nice supper out of the whole deal in the end, so hopefully all is good!)

Friday morning I took the car in to Disa to have a look, but after taking off the wheels and inspecting the body, they simply couldn’t find anything wrong with old Jetta Jameson and as such, for now we’ll simply believe that it was a stone that got kicked up and got stuck in the works that caused all the noises that were distressing me so.

Anyway, out of the workshop and then it was off to Tokai for me, where I had a pretty productive day planning things out for future work still to come. Unfortunately the evening was less enjoyable as seeing as this was the last weekend in which I officially have to tackle Commerce I.T. work, everyone had seemed to want to get in that last call before the final bell rang.

However, Saturday more than made up for the dreary end to Friday as Ryan popped along for a GB visit in which we packed a lot of varied gaming as well as a quick Wimpy lunch before heading out late afternoon to catch the brilliant Bulls vs. Chiefs Super 14 final back home in Bellville at mom’s place.

19:00 and Mr. Brown arrived to pick us up as next stop was Karl and Pat’s pad in celebration of Karl’s 28th birthday. Unfortunately Wayne and Candice couldn’t make it, but with Damen, Michelle, Ryan, Terrance, myself, Karl, Pat, Cottontail and eventually Chantelle, the evening turned into a great exercise in gossip, laughter and 30 Seconds, which surprisingly enough, C absolutely loved for a change! :)

Sunday however it was back to the grindstone once again, with me polishing off the last of the Commerce I.T. work and at last, sending off that final updated timesheet to Tracy, marking the end of the six month long contract that I signed with them before I left their premises way back in November last year already! The rest of the day was then spent in perfect relaxation mode, watching anime, organising my DVD and game collections, working on some wedding stuff and just in general hanging out with C, who despite all the time she sneaks away from the guesthouse, still hasn’t had a day off in almost an entire month! I seriously can’t wait for her bosses to return so that I can spirit her away for a weekend away or something like that!

Anyway, Monday is here now and as relaxed as I am, I guess I had better get back to work. Just now I’ll want to start snoozing at my desk and I’m sure neither Dave, Rory nor the rest of the team would approve! :)