Goldfish in a BowlOh noes!! Somehow through some or other freak mishap, our last surviving goldfish must surely have caught wind of that post I did last week, the one announcing our intention to mothball the fish tank and return Goldie and Ploccie back to a pet shop post haste.

Well it would seem that this news was a bigger shock to him than what it was to us, and feeling unloved, we discovered on Sunday morning that he had taken the drastic step of taking his own life, choosing death over pet shop captivity.

Goldy, we will sadly miss you and can only hope that your trip up to the Great Porcelain Bowl, there high up in the sky, was a smooth one… :(

Meanwhile, Ploccie continues to grimly hold on, seemingly eager to make his escape attempt when we finally get the chance/make the time to relocated our ginormous plecostomus. In the end, we can only hope that all these environmental changes don’t leave him feeling a little… flushed.