Francois Pienaar at Steenberg Virgin Active General Nonsense | My Life 02 JUN 2009

Francois PienaarLooks like the Steenberg Virgin Active gym is going to be adding some South African royalty to its member list pretty soon, seeing as this morning I bumped into Francois Pienaar (the Lays chips bloke and incidentally, the captain of the 1995 Rugby World Cup winning Springbok side) as he was being given a tour of the facilities by one of the Virgin Active consultants.

My only regret about this meeting was of course that I happened to be standing completely naked, getting dressed in the change-room as the little tour group marched on by.

At least he noticed my manly bow of the head in acknowledgement of his presence…

(I could have done with some promotional chips to be honest though. Wonder if he gets to carry those around on him?)

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