You ever get frustrated when you print out a nice colorful table off the web and it comes out of the printer devoid of all life and color, exactly the reason why you opted to print it in the first place?

Well by default, background color and image printing is turned off in almost all Internet browsers, and as such you first need to turn this option on before your printed tables will be as colorful as their screen counterparts.

So how do you do this?

Well in Firefox at least the designers made things a little more logical and opted to put the option under File -> Page Setup, as demonstrated by the screenshot below:

Firefox Print Background Colors Option

Internet Explorer want to make things a little harder though, they’ve gone and placed the option under Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced (tab) -> Under the printing section (See image below):

Internet Explorer Print Background Colors Option

And there it is. Simply ensure that these options are turned on (if you don’t mind wasting ink) and you’ll be good to go in terms of colorful tables and background images off the web.