Okay. By now you’ve figured out that CodeUnit is pretty broken up at the moment. Well, you’re half right and you’re half wrong. You see, I’ve finally decided to get the ball rolling and move my blog onto my custom-built database-driven blogging platform (which I use for my other sites in the CodeUnit network).

However, I’m not particularly motivated in getting this done and in an effort to force me to get up off of my hands, I’ve now gone ahead and forced a file overwrite on my existing site, leaving me with a functionally working site, but a site that nonetheless is missing quite a bit of its old functionality.

Never fear though, because simply put, I can’t stand broken things and as such will have everything looking nice and new as soon as possible.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering as to whether or not this site change will affect my blogging, don’t worry about that either. I don’t plan on dropping you, my loyal readers, even for an instant!

So expect business as usual around these here parts then! :)

Blog word.