Coraline FigurineOkay, so Telkom seems to be struggling this morning with their routing (though it does seem like it is all better now), so I’ll keep this weekend update short, sweet and business-like. Bullet-point form for the win! :)

So from Friday to Sunday we got up to:

– Enjoyed extremely fun and energetic langarm sokkie at the Barn in Gordon’s Bay with Dean and Zania.
– Ate German delicacies from the fund-raiser pudding table.
– Injured Chantelle with my patented dance moves.
– Helped find someone with a 4×4 to tow free Dean’s truck that got stuck in the long grass and mud amidst pouring rain that left us all soaked from head to toe.
– Broke my blog by forgetting that I had auto overwrite set in FileZilla
– Rearranged bedroom
– Played with Chantelle’s new black boots
– Shopped for wedding invite paper and new shoes
– Enjoyed nice light lunch at House of Coffees, Somerset Mall
– Watched Coraline in 3D at Canal Walk
– Joined up with Retha and Miguel for their house-warming party in Cape Town
– Slept over at the Montgomery clan stronghold
– Rushed to CCB church in Parklands (was 10 minutes late)
– Push-started the Getz because I forgot the lights on
– Bought more paper (over a R1000 on paper this weekend!) and did a quick bout of grocery shopping in Tygervalley
– Met up with Damen, Michelle, Karl and Trish for a good braai and some cricket-viewing at Damen’s pad.
– Watched Karl swat imaginary things on Damen’s Wii
– Visited with Monty and Cheryl
– Visited with Mom and Dad (Photos looking good on the big screen via VGA hookup)
– Spied on house using Ryan’s new telescope.
– Got home and tidied up (a lot), fed hungry cats.
– Ate sarmies for supper and watched Hitch under the duvet. (Still don’t see it though: I’m definitely not Albert!)
– Slept like a baby in our newly re-arranged bedroom.

The end.