Kamen no Maid GuyKamen no Maid Guy is a 12 episode long anime series produced in 2008, based on Maruboro Akai’s comedy manga series of the same name. The story revolves around kendo-loving, samurai philosophy-spouting Naeka Fujiwara and her brother Kosuke, heirs to the great Fujiwara fortune. However, Fujiwara family members in line to inherit have traditionally all been knocked off by some unknown assailant and as such Zenjuro Fujiwara, Naeka’s wealthy and doting grandfather, has enlisted the aid of two fearsome combatants as maids for Naeka and Kosuke, in order to guard against any attempts on their lives as Naeka rapidly approaches her 18th birthday.

But while reserved Fubuki, the beautiful but deadly housemaid, easily manages to blend in with normal society, the towering muscular features of Kogarashi, the beast-like titular ‘maid guy’ doesn’t quite fit in so well. After all, this is the man who is said to be absolutely invulnerable, possesses 37 senses (including x-ray vision and USB connectivity) and has a complete lack of grasp on the concept of personal space or tact – essentially a man that can in no way be described as… well, normal.

Needless to say with loyal, but abnormal bodyguard maids like these hanging about 24/7, life around the Fujiwara household is going to be anything but dull!

So far after the first couple of episodes of this completely insane, off-the-wall and extremely comedic ecchi-tainted show, I have to admit to absolutely loving the silliness of it all. Yes, there is a lot of bouncing boobs, panty flashes, and bra dropping to be had, but on top of this easy to hit slapstick comedy there are some genuinely funny moments and scenarios that have been dreamt up along the way. The comically-designed characters in particular are a blast to take in and the varied use of some fun but smooth animation transitions work well with the quickened pace of the story-telling.

Square-jawed Kogarashi is one of the best characters of this motley cast by far, easily stealing the show in very much a killer Johnny Bravo kind of way. The man means well but his methods are just a little… questionable.

Top all of this off with a very fun musical score and some excellent voice acting and you’re left with a fairly silly, vapid slapstick comedy with lots of ecchi undertones but strong enough in the laughs department to leave you with a silly grin on your face and some big guffaws along the way.

In other words, tons of fun if you feel like catching something stupid for a change! :)

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