Chantelle Montgomery and Craig LotterSo apart from the good run on the treadmill I had this morning, the fact that we may have finally located our junior developer here at Touchwork and the enjoyable dinner at the new Primi Piatti in Somerset West (though the Primi standard has certainly dropped from what it once used to be) last night, the best thing about the moment is actually the fact that yesterday marked the second year that Chantelle and I (or C&C, as in Command and Conquer, as we like to colloquially refer to ourselves) have been an item.

Two years of hugs, snuggles and kisses, two wonderful years of me being able to love, dote, care, provide for and irritate my angel, two whole years that she has had to endure my hobbies, my quirks, my energy, my annoying habits, my inability to navigate and my patented dance moves.

In the two years that we’ve been together we’ve gone through a number of big steps in our lives and come November the 7th this year, we’ll add another giant leap to our partnership, with the official transfer of C from the Montgomery over to the Lotter clan.

So thank you my angel, my snookie poo, my darling, my cuddle bunny. Thank you for everything you have done for me and everything you mean to me. I, as always, look forward to growing old and wrinkly with you and can’t wait to take the next big step with you!

Lots of love, hugs and kisses,

P.S. And the spoilt rotten man that I am, seem to have finally convinced my lady as to what types of gifts I appreciate the most, which is exactly why I was absolutely thrilled with last night’s anniversary gift ‘treasure hunt’ that saw me bag Terry Pratchett’s Nation, Star Wars: Force Unleashed and a gigantic Damascus nougat bar. Unfortunately all I’m getting her in return is a wristwatch – but I’ve still got to find the perfect one! (Which means all she gets for now is a bunch of flowers. A gift which I personally, I actually wouldn’t enjoy receiving all that much…).

This random part of the post was proudly brought to you by the spare time brought about by waiting for a meeting to start. I’ll keep in touch, promise.