Futurama Bender Fry LeelaFor all you big time Matt Groening fans out there, Comedy Central just announced the resurrection of Futurama, everyone’s favourite satiric sci-fi series broadcasting live from the third millennium!

The original 72 episode long series ended its four-season run back in 2003, though it was later supplemented with 16 new episodes that were released as four direct-to-DVD feature-length films starting 2007.

Apparently Comedy Central has signed up for a new 26 episode season that will be produced as before by Matt Groening and David X Cohen and is scheduled to hit the screen somewhere mid-2010.

Needless to say, Fry, Leela and everyone’s favourite robot bender Bender are absolutely thrilled by this news.

(And DVD collectors around the world can start opening up some shelf space again).

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