Unko San the Lucky Poo

Yeah, by now we all know that the Japanese are sometimes right weirdos, responsible for some of the world’s most arbitrary (and quite often twisted, perverted) trends.

Anyway, the latest viral craze that is proving to be an absolute hit with Japanese high school girls is Unko-san, an short-length anime series that revolves around Unko-san, a brown poo fairy who has the special ability of being able to bestow good luck upon others less fortunate. This unusually lucky piece of poop lives with quite a culturally diverse conglomerate of poo fairy friends on Lucky Island where they experience many fantastic adventures and encounters.

Yes. The less said the better I would say.

Anyway, the show’s title is a play of words on the Japanese word for “luck” (un) and “crap” (unko) and can currently be caught in the Osaka region on Kansai TV’s “Otoemon” music program.

And just in case you are thinking that I’m making this up, here’s the subtitle video proof, courtesy of our good friends over at YouTube: