Jackie Chan Gorgeous StillThis weekend was sure to start off with a bang, and it most certainly did thanks to an absolutely awesome Friday night out-and-about at a black-tie, Dunhill-sponsored event over at the upmarket Pigalle in Cape Town.

Thanks to Andri’s quick thinking and coat-tail grabbing of some networked work colleagues, Chantelle, myself, Gary, Michelle, Malcolm and Andri managed to make it on the fairly exclusive guest list to this fancy party and come Friday night, our trusty GPS led us straight to the venue’s door, though admittedly I couldn’t help but cringe at the sight of all those people dressed up to the T, cocktail dresses, tuxedos the lot! (Needless to say the best I could rustle up was light brown chino pants and a nice dark blue stripy long sleeve shirt).

Thankfully however the door guardian took pity on us obviously lesser mortals as we were allowed to sign in and the waltz over the red carpet into what is simply an amazingly stunning venue. After much gazing over the drinking herd, complete with self-rolled cigars and perfume mixers, we eventually spotted our ticket in and joined Andri and Malcolm and the rest of Andri’s colleagues around a nice big table, where we patiently awaited the arrival of Gary and Michelle who had got the venue wrong and pitched up at Beluga’s instead! :)

Like I said, this was an upmarket sponsored event, and as such everything was on the house, in the quantities that could only mean that you leave well and truly sated by the end of the night. Apart from the general chatter and mingling of the other well-heeled guests, we were treated to some live entertainment in the form of Frankie and the Rabbits as well as a live dance extravaganza that transported us through the ages and the associated dancing styles. (This was of course a great way to open the dance floor for the evening as well).

Dinner was a buffet affair, but with a distinct Chinese takeaway flavour as the guests were all given little Chinese takeaway boxes in which to pile in the selection of delicious meat, chicken, tuna, noodles and everything else the head chef could dream up in a short space of time.

(And despite my great desire to play more with the giant ice sculpture vase that stood between the buffet tables, I managed to suppress the need to poke holes into the shiny cold structure. Sometimes I make myself proud you know).

Dinner was rounded off with coffee (apparently) and these orgasmic chocolates that I can’t even begin to describe, all of which was then quickly worked off with a quick step about on the dance floor where Chantelle skillfully dodged all of my attacks and instead forced me into my ‘little zone’, a trick that she’s gone and pulled out from Hitch. My inner muse was not amused.

Sadly all our friends decided to skip out long before we were ready to go, but when we did eventually decide to toss the towel in and stop stealing free drink, we were greeted by a nice lady at the door who gleefully handed over two bright red boxes that later revealed two beautiful Carol Boyes bottle stoppers (which we looked up are worth about $21 a piece!)

Unfortunately however, what was a wonderful night out on the town did sour a little bit as we made our weary way back to Gordon’s Bay, pretty much all thanks to the traffic that we were caught in brought about by an accident scene on the N2, a lengthy detour off the N2, an accident scene along the detour and then more bloody roadworks in Strand. Needless to say I was not impressed when the trip home took us well over a hour and a half to complete!

But Saturday however kicked off on a good foot because I woke up fairly early, made some delicious pancakes for breakfast, faffed around for the most part cleaning and tidying the house with Chantelle, played a little bit of games and then headed out to Bellville where we joined up with Dean, Zania and Ryan for a lekker braai and some Madagascar 2 viewing. And to make things even better, we even slept over at the Montgomery stronghold, so no late night driving for a change! :)

Sunday and we amazingly made church for the second time in a row, enjoying a good sermon delivered impeccably by Gary as per usual, and then it was off for a quick bite to eat at Cafe Banilla (good as always!) and some wedding registry plus miscellaneous shopping, all of which resulting in us stumbling out of Tygervalley bearing a rather heavy, R450-odd scratching post/house which I am happy to report, the cats have take to like fish to water!

Shopping done (no luck on C’s wristwatch just yet, but at least a firm decision on registry now), it was time to head back to the Montgomery stronghold to join up with Monty, Cheryl, Robert, Mom and Dad for a delicious joint family lunch over a steaming Monty-specialty, curry chicken potjie.

And of course, no Sunday afternoon lunch would be complete without pudding, meaning that by the end of the afternoon the entire table’s audience were sitting well and truly stuffed! :)

Eventually the time to leave for home finally broke and once more Chantelle and I took to the road, this time making it back without too much fuss, where we immediately set about cuddling under a duvet and watching Jackie Chan’s Gorgeous, a film I absolutely loved seeing again. It’s just so feel good damn it!

Anyway, that was pretty much that. A thoroughly enjoyable weekend followed by the nice prospect of working from home yesterday and of course today’s public holiday.

Nice, eh? ;)