Jackie Chan Flying KickWell it would seem that most people have now recovered from the serious number of bugs that seemed to be doing the rounds for the last couple of weeks, an observation based on nothing other than the sheer amount of people at training last night.

Of course that said, it could also be the renewed desire to train now that the date for the next few Funakoshi events have been announced.

First off the bat is the Funakoshi internal karate tournament held on the 1st of August 2009 that will feature both kumite (fighting) and kata competition segments, and it would seem that quite a number of my fellow karateka (me included) are quite keen on taking part, especially because this is a closed event that will feature only Funakoshi practitioners (i.e. no outside styles and thus no potential to encounter a hard-hitting Kyokushin fighter in the semi-contact kumite – which needless to elaborate on could be quite disastrous! I’ll discount the fact that I’m a knockdown fighter above a semi-contact guy of course! :P)

Following this on the 18th of August 2009 will be the next Funakoshi grading (already!?) which if Sensei Birgitt allows for, could see me advance my belt rank yet again – something that would please me to no end I might add! (that is, if I can remember this kata properly by then!)

So ja, some good motivation to make one want to train just that little bit harder and put in all the effort necessary to be ready by those dates.

So for the next couple of weeks (like always), I’ll see you on the training floor! Osu!