Virgin Active Web LogoFollowing on from quite an enjoyable morning yesterday (brought about by yet another one of SA’s many, much appreciated public holidays) in which I managed to work oodles on the blog, watch the Doctor Strange movie, read some manga and play some Star Wars: Force Unleashed, Chantelle seemed determined not to allow me to end the day as I had begun it, i.e. sitting my lazy fat ass on the couch.

No, she had other, far more insidious designs in mind for me, all of which revolved around dragging me out from the comfy flat and transporting me to Somerset West Virgin Active where I was to join her in partaking in Elroy’s Step and Sculpt class which kicked off at 17:30 (a class which you’ll note is rated at 3 sweat drops on the Virgin Active rating system!).

To say I was unprepared for what was to come next is an understatement indeed.

Sixty minutes of intense stepping and flailing one’s arms about while gripping on increasingly slippery dumbbells is harder than one might first think!

Thankfully though, despite my obvious lack of co-ordination (and inability to keep to the rather high pace), I managed to tag along for the duration of the class, ending in a huge puddle of sweat and amazed by the fact that I managed NOT to trip over the edge of the steps and fall flat on my face, dumbbells landing squarely on my head (of course).

My arms and shoulders ached, I was puffing for breath and my legs were glaring at me with hate-filled nerve endings, but once again, despite the sixty minutes of extreme torture that I had just endured, I couldn’t feel any better, any more alive.

Yes babes, you were indeed right and I did enjoy the class thoroughly despite the fact that I REALLY didn’t want to leave the flat last night, and in addition to the fact that I still think of it as being QUITE a ‘girly’ class! Of course that said, why is it that ‘girly’ gym classes are usually far tougher than anything we guys get up to in the weights section?

Anyway I admit to it, my expectations were far exceeded and come next Tuesday when I happen to be working from home again, have a look around but be sure that at 17:30 I’ll once more be there in amongst all of the girls (and the odd couple of guys too, just in case you think I’m the only nutty one), stepping my thing! :)