South African Cricket Captain Graeme SmithDespite Graeme Smith’s heartfelt ‘We are not Chokers’ little diatribe fed to the media this morning, I can’t help but be utterly disappointed with just how the Proteas managed to once again disappoint themselves (and us as a nation) when it really mattered.

Once again, the South African cricket team managed to breeze through the early stages of the ICC Twenty 20 World Cup only to crash out when it really mattered – and after watching last night’s game I can only shake my head and mutter that they really only have themselves to blame.

Yes, Afridi did do wonders for the Pakistanis with both ball and bat and I marvelled at how deadly Umar Gul’s pinpoint fast bowling was, but when you look at how the match played itself, SA really should have been batting at a quicker pace during the middle of their innings – it just feels such a sin to have lost with that many wickets still in hand!! Surely the boys could have done better than that? After all, 149 is not a particularly high total to reach in Twenty 20 cricket, and our batsmen really should be kicking themselves for letting the bowling attack down by not taking out this moderate total brought about by some excellent bowling up front when we got to play attackers.


I really should stop watching these cricket tournaments with the hope of winning stuck firmly in my heart – nowadays it always just seems like a huge splinter waiting to be painfully yanked out…

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