Oven RoastWell after working two days from home, two days in the office and one day off on Public Holiday, last week certainly did seem to fly right on by – as did the weekend it would seem! :(

Friday evening we struck a bit of good luck as Louise let Chantelle off from her duty (for most of the weekend as it eventually turned out!) and we met up at Somerset Mall (I’d just come off an invigorating workout at Steenberg Virgin Active and was quite eager for some Subway supper anyway) to catch The Hangover, a vigorously touted laugh-a-minute comedy that everyone seems quite eager to see, but for me in any event, turned out a little bit more of a letdown as the previews seemed to have spoiled a good many surprise appearances and encounters. The movie wasn’t bad in any way and don’t get me wrong, it will have you laughing quite a bit at some of the insane circumstances and turn of events the lead characters find themselves experiencing, but other than that the story just doesn’t gel well enough for me and I walked out of the theater without a good idea of just why one should actually bother seeing it in the first place! Oh well, at least Chantelle seemed to get quite a few laughs out of it! :)

Saturday and after starting out nice and easy with a viewing of Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, my quick trip to the mall in order to pay in my speeding fine at First National Bank turned into a four hour epic shopping trip that saw Chantelle join up with me (as she once again got to skip out of work early) and us walk out of the mall with a brand-spanking new long mirror for the lounge, a three bar quartz halogen heater to at last keep my beloved nose from turning frosty, some awesome Asterisk books which I picked up for dirt cheap at Paperweight, a Legion of Super Heroes DVD from Game and four bags jam-packed with groceries from Pick ‘n Pay.

Needless to say, the first thing I did when I finally got home was flop down on the couch, alternate between finishing off the Cowboy Bebop movie and keeping an eye on the British Lions vs. Springboks game, enjoy some nice crispy toast slathered in avocado courtesy of C who was rather pleased with the purchase of a mirror and heater no doubt!

The game finished with a resounding win for the Boks (though the Lions nearly upset the boat there towards the end!) and it was back up again to haul out the drill and put up our new mirror, a job that surprisingly took almost no time at all, absolutely no fuss whatsoever, and proved without a shadow of a doubt that I no longer deserve the nickname of prestik and sticky tape DIY man. :)

Chantelle ran a quick check up on the guesthouse while I got to grips with wielding the force in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and on her return we whipped up some delicious chicken burgers for supper, all to be enjoyed in front of the toasty new heater and in the company of Don’t Mess with the Zohan, a movie that turned out to be quite a regrettable movie choice for what had been a good Saturday night!

Sunday and Chantelle needed to head back out to the guest house and so I entertained myself by watching some Legion of Super Heroes and playing some more Star Wars until her eventual return saw us quickly pack up and leave, darting off towards Bellville where we joined up with the rest of the Lotter clan (Riley and Claire included) to enjoy a fantastic roast lunch which mom had whipped up in celebration of Father’s Day! Unfortunately we couldn’t stay long because Chantelle was technically still on duty and so, missing out on carrot cake we quickly popped in for some coffee with Monty and Cheryl before winding our way back to Gordon’s Bay where Chantelle once more needed to drop me off and go close up the guest house… or so we thought.

A couple of hours later (she wasn’t meant to be gone that long), I got a phone call from C telling me that they had received a walk-in but that the group was proving to be quite dodgy and she didn’t feel comfortable leaving the guest house alone for the night, so I needed to pop along and bring her stuff so that she could spend the night. So I did. Had some coffee, chatted a little and observed some fairly strange behaviour from one of the girls that had been left behind at the guest house by the group.

Seeing as I am working in the office today, I then bid my farewell and travelled back home, where I wasn’t for long before I received a second, far more panicky phone call from C, scared out of her mind because the zoned-out girl was now walking around the guest house, trying all the doors, locking herself in the open rooms, doing ironing (?), breaking the key and fittings in the open bathroom and all this while clutching a pair of sharp scissors. Needless to say Chantelle demanded that these unwanted extras vacate the premises but of course this doesn’t exactly leave her with the greatest ease of mind and so I quickly packed my essentials and trundled over to wait out the whole debacle with her.

Thankfully the original guy that did rent the room did eventually return and vacated the crazy girl and the other one who had been sleeping it off in the bath, and normality finally returned. I ended up sleeping over the guest house for C’s peace of mind, but shame, I don’t actually know whether or not she managed to get a good night’s rest, because come this morning and I was out of there again just past 06:00! Guess I’ll find out the rest of the details this evening when I return home.

Just goes to show, we may not always agree with Whammy’s policy surrounding who he allows in his guest house, but damn it, he is almost always proved right!

(Oh, but besides last night, I did have a thoroughly relaxing, enjoyable weekend, so all is good I guess – feeling bright and chirpy here in the office, so let’s get these fingers cracking! :D)