Sexy Feet in Flip FlopsHa ha totally looked like an ass yesterday afternoon while leaving from work! Wednesday night is karate night and in an effort to make practice on time, I nowadays get changed into my dogi while still in the office and then trot down to my car to make the long trip back to Gordon’s Bay.

This trotting is usually done in my faithful pair of slip slops, simply because that’s just how I roll.

That said, slip slops have a dangerous enemy which always seems to get the better of them, namely wet surfaces and considering the amount of rain that fell during the course of yesterday, by now I’m pretty sure you can predict exactly where I’m heading with this!

So anyway, I was happily trotting along, iPod blaring into my ears when I heard Dave call out to me as he caught up from behind. As I turned to chat with him while continuing down the road at my leisurely pace, I placed my right foot on the concrete rainwater slab on the edge of the road and instantly my right slip slop declared he would support me no more, slipping out from underneath me and leaving me to come down like a sack of potatoes, face first as always!

Luckily my hands prevented a total face plant as well as protected my hapless iPod, but my right knee wasn’t so lucky as it buried itself into the tarmac in an effort to stop the fall. Of course Dave was quite concerned (while laughing away on the inside I’m sure! :D) but the two guys with the bicycle across the road more than made up for it with some loud guffaws and later calls of whether or not my knee was cool or not!

Physically, no harm done; Ego, battered as hell!

Next time I’ll go barefoot in the rain I reckon! Would save me much embarrassment I’m sure! ;)