Vista Printer IconWhat you need before we start:

– Manufacturer and Model Name (can be found on the printer case)
– IP Address (can usually be found on a label attached to the printer or via its test page output)

Setting up the printer:

1. Click on the Start button, then click Control Panel, then click Printers and Faxes, then click Add Printer.

2. A new Add Printer Wizard window opens. Click Next to start.

3. Select Local printer attached to this computer. Make sure Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer is NOT checked. Click Next to continue.

Set Up Windows XP Network Printer1

4. We will create a new port for your network printer. Select Create a new port. Beside Type of Port, click on the down arrow, then click on Standard TCP/IP Port. Click Next to continue.

Set Up Windows XP Network Printer2

5. A new Add Printer Port Wizard will open. Click Next to continue.

6. You must now type your printer’s IP Address in the Printer Name or IP Address field. The Port Name will automatically be filled when you enter the IP Address. Do not change the Port Name. Click Next to continue.

Set Up Windows XP Network Printer3

(IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS, then you will see an error screen. This means that the IP Address for the printer is NOT available on the network. Select the Back button and make sure you entered the correct IP Address. Check to see that your network printer is powered on and displays a ‘ready’ status.)

7. IF YOU DID NOT HAVE PROBLEMS, Windows XP will scan the network to find your printer’s IP Address. This may take a few seconds. Select Finish to continue.

8. You must now select the printer’s manufacturer and model. Windows XP will automatically select the detected manufacturer and printer driver. Normally, you will not have to change this selection.

From this point on you will then be asked whether or not to keep the existing driver, set the Printer’s friendly display name, choose to make it your default printer and finally if you wish to print a test page.

Finally, the last remaining Finish button will reveal itself and your printer will be up and running. See, not so difficult after all? :)