RaindropsSjoe, was glad to see that the weather had calmed down quite substantially last night compared to Tuesday night, though I did see this morning that our bedroom ceiling, that had up until now been holding up quite nicely, has finally gone sprung a decent leak. Time for the old bucket and towel routine I guess!

Back to Tuesday though and despite the stormy conditions that were prevailing throughout the Western Cape, I happened to enjoy quite a nice day of working from home (as I am today), followed by an intense steps and weights class with Chantelle, courtesy of Elroy and Virgin Active Somerset West. That said, you will not believe the amount of prodding and self-motivating the two of us needed to give ourselves before finally deciding to venture out of that front door and brave the ice-cold, wet conditions to actually make it to class in the first place! :)

(Surprisingly enough, class was pretty damn packed after all – guess you just can’t keep good gym bunnies away even if you spit and hail at them!)

But there was a plan you see, a nefarious one at that too. In desperate need of a break from all the healthy eating at home (C has been responsible for supper a lot nowadays!), I hatched a plot whereby I took Chantelle’s cognitive recognition of a recent Spur advert promoting their scrumptious double burger, choose your meat promotion and used it against her, convincing her that eating out on such a miserable day was an excellent idea and we would surely be spared from doing any dishes at home – always a major plus in anyone’s eyes! Thankfully I didn’t need to twist too hard because she was immediately all for my plan and so after gym and a quick follow-up shower, we were comfortably seated in the Sunset Bay Spur, protected from the gusting winds and raging waters outside.

Naturally supper went down good, real good.

Back home however and we needed to deal with the next emergency, namely the fact that all our outside furniture, including the weber braai, were lying scattered along the back garden and we needed to firmly brave the elements (me in my pajama shorts) to search and retrieve all the missing parts. Finally, safely tucked away in the flat, I then turned my attention to the mysterious banging sound that was making life miserable in the bedroom and after a quick inspection I discovered that the winds had been strong enough to literally rip the metal, screwed down covering off the side of the building wall, leaving it tentatively hanging and thrashing about on its last remaining screw, all while rendering the hole in the wall’s contents (antenna cables and power connectors) exposed to the elements. With no other choice than to rip the last remaining screw out, I placed the metal cover down on the ground and silent thanked the fact that we have DSTV and probably don’t make use of those connections and wires anyway! :P

Hopefully our new neighbours that moved in above us over the weekend weren’t effected. That said, all the worries in the world soon didn’t matter even in the slightest because thanks to our toasty new heater that works like an absolute bomb, I was just sitting there in the middle of the lounge with a silly smile on my face, basking in the orange glow of tranquility and warmth.

And yes, this post is now turning silly, so I’m just going to end it there.

mkthxbye! :P