Michael JacksonNo, Cardiac Arrest is not a music producer, nor is Life the name of Michael Jackson’s latest album. Instead the reality of the situation is that Michael Jackson, the King of Pop has passed away at the age of 50, cause of death attributed to cardiac arrest, informally to a massive heart attack.

Naturally all of the world’s news and entertainment mediums are overflowing with the news, tributes, analyses, the lot.

Unfortunately I’m not going to be one of them.

Looking at him as a human-being, I didn’t like Michael Jackson all that much much, and peering at him as a musician, I didn’t like any of his material either. But apparently I am in the extreme minority on this viewpoint as across the globe this man was an icon, a superstar, a legend and finally a hero to billions.

The only thing that I truly can say that I liked about Michael Jackson was the fact that he came up with Smooth Criminal which was gleefully covered and turned into a piece of absolute awesomeness by Alien Ant Farm on their 2002 ANThology release. Now that was cool…