Leaked Transformers 2 Fake PosterFriday was pretty uneventful, with me finishing up a day of meetings and more Twitter library integration frustrations with a quick, sweat-inducing visit to the gym followed by a nice supper courtesy of my Babes, ending off with some couch potato-like behaviour while enjoying Spider-man 2, finally making an effort to watch it after purchasing it absolutely ages ago already! :)

And while I thoroughly enjoyed watching this comic book-inspired action romp, the highlight of watching it came from C when she blurted out during the whole Mary Jane wedding sequence that the dress that she’s wearing is exactly what C has in mind for our wedding later this year! So I quickly hopped onto the Internet, grabbed and printed some screenshots and now Chantelle can enter the designers studio this Wednesday with some ready-formed ideas happily waving about in her hand. Talk about a lucky break!

Saturday was a really relaxed morning as I let Chantelle sleep in while I set about doing all the chores around the house and fiddling on my blog when I got the chance (you’ll note the cool little extra-nav section at the bottom I hope!) However my plans for a peaceful day spent lazing about at home were not to be as Chantelle finally roused from bed, got ready and dragged me off to Canal Walk where we spent a good couple of hours, emerging with our tummies full of Panarottis goodness and a stunning Alpine Ski Jacket purchased from Cape Union Market at about half of its price, paying R750 for a jacket normally marked at R1500! Hopefully this now sorts out C’s requirements for the chilly UK later this year.

From there we zipped through to Bellville where we spent some time visiting with Cheryl and then popped through to Ryan to pick up my new Legion of Super Heroes disc (and the new Wonder Woman movie) that he had picked up for me from Tygervalley’s Game. Back home and after a delicious batch of pancakes that I managed to whip up, C proved unable to last too long heading into the night, meaning I was left on my lonesome to continue my quest to beat Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, a quest which I did eventually fulfill but at the same time gaining an ending which didn’t leave me particularly fulfilled! (That said, neither did the DearS manga I consumed this weekend for that matter!)

Sunday was again a lazy day, with me pottering about in the morning and consuming the leftover pancakes for breakfast while Chantelle entertained herself by finally getting around to cleaning out her messy draws and cupboard. By the afternoon though we both decided that it was time to get out of the house and as such we zipped through to the mall where I purchased a beautiful, over-sized (and I mean really over-sized) wall clock for the flat followed by a sitting through Michael Bay’s latest film project, Transformers 2, a movie which really just drove home the point that no matter how good your special effects or film-making is (or what a good-looking cast you can pack in), the lack of a gripping story really just sinks the whole damn show. It looked cool, but it was long, tedious and overall a bit boring and meaningless, not managing to engage me even for a second. Pity, but it looks like everyone that warned me before seeing it were indeed right after all!

Back home and we once again opted to cheat on our healthy eating by having some delicious KFC for supper, followed by yet more lazing around like giant lounge lizards. The life I tell you! :P

Comic books, an eye on Gone Baby Gone, some blog updating and a late night snack raid on the local BP pretty much wrapped up Sunday evening and in the end, a perfectly relaxing Winter weekend.

Noice, very noice I say.