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Afrigator. Since the apparent demise or rather disinterest/discontinuation of the Amatomu project (it is still running but certainly doesn’t appear to be undergoing any further active development), the slickly run, well presented Afrigator project has pretty much taken over the market as the South African (and African) blog aggregator of choice.

Make no mistake, I like them, I like what they do, their customer support is excellent and the development team is extremely approachable. However, despite all the things they do so well, I can’t help but point out a massive, completely inexcusable #FAIL on the side of their product offering.

“What, how dare you!?!” I hear all you fellow South African bloggers call out in unison.

Well okay, let’s try something quickly. Add another blog to your account via the dashboard. Good? Now try and delete it. What’s that? You can’t find the delete option? Scour the site a little, see if you can find any mention of it. Anything? Okay, now try this. Try to remove your primary listing. Any luck?

The answer is quite simply NO.

This I recently discovered and thanks to a quick support email I learned that they don’t actually have this functionality in place – at all. Right. In other words, a massive #FAIL on the part of the Afrigator team then. I’m sorry, but it is the basic premise for any object or element that if you can create it, then you need to be able to edit it AND delete it.

Looks like they remembered the add and edit portions but just didn’t feel like doing the slog work of simply adding a remove option.

Not cool guys, not cool.