CNA LogoSometimes I can’t help but marvel at the apparent oversight ability of some people, usually those people with some sort of decision-making power it would seem. Anyway, the particular #fail that I want to highlight comes from the CNA branch nestled in the bust of the Bayside Mall out in Blauwberg, which I paid a visit to yesterday in an effort to avoid evening rush hour traffic after finishing up at the workshop I attended at the Dolphin Beach Protea Hotel during the day.

Now while I’m not a particularly tall adult, I am of fairly average height but as it is, even I can’t reach the top shelf of their wall-mounted magazine racks, particularly now that they’ve gone and put up a transparent plastic lip to prevent magazines from sliding off said shelf. Even on tippy toes I can barely reach it, which then instantly begs the question: “Why the hell are they putting all the comic books, a product primarily aimed at children and teenagers way up there!?!”

Seriously don’t understand it, or I just guess that they really don’t want to sell as many comic books as what they possible can! :(

However, in the same breath and more importantly, the same store, the hip-high DVD rack consisting of three shelving levels, the top of which is perfect head height for a child has it a little more right.

All the kiddy DVDs are nicely stacked along the middle and the bottom shelves while the TV series boxsets are on the top, perfectly for adults to reach down and scoop them up. Only thing is, why would anyone have lying on the top shelf, at perfect child eye-level, a boldly marked Karma Sutra boxset with a screaming big “Adults Only” sticker!?!

Seriously. Oversight. It does exist and it’s multiplying…