Woman Side Stomp KickA despondent Craig is not a happy Craig, and that was exactly the type of Craig you would have found on Wednesday evening, following his troubled knee once again blowing out during karate practice kumite and once more forcing home the point that he will never again be at complete functionality, so much so that he can’t help but wonder if he shouldn’t just withdraw from the discipline completely.

Already he has lost the ability to perform any right-footed side or roundhouse kicks thanks to the wonky left plant and now it would seem that even just moving hard forward in a bog standard, fairly upright stance is enough to bring the whole man crashing down like a house of cards and with the force of a sack of potatoes.

Naturally this is as frustrating as it gets for me! My knee has been at its peak performance for ages now, the best it has been since I injured it all that time ago, and still it isn’t enough. I’m going to rest it this weekend and maybe still on Monday, but I am now seriously considering pulling out of the tournament come 1st of August.

After all, what’s the use of a combatant that can’t properly go on the attack? I may as well just stand there as a free-for-all punching bag then! :(

Needless to say, I’m not a happy chappy right at this moment then…