Ice Age 3 PosterSjoe, quite chilly on Friday evening eh? Well after a long day of meetings in the office, what better way to kick the weekend off by arriving home to one’s bokkie, changing out of your work uniform and then heading straight back out again, directly to the mall for a quick Subway sandwich supper followed by the newly released Ice Age 3 in the comfort of Ster Kinekor’s sitting space.

That said Ice Age 3 turned out to be quite a big disappointment, with the makers once again failing to capture the audience’s attention and tickle their funny bone as they did with the original iteration of the franchise. True, the movie is well made as always, but the story isn’t particularly strong or tremendously engaging, rather sticking to playing it as safe and predictable as possible while shifting most of the humour out of clever comments and straight into slapstick, physical humour kind of stuff. It certainly isn’t a bad or waste of time sort of movie, but this definitely is one aimed straight at the kids with only the smallest of morsels left over for adults to savour. Your kids are going to love it, you’re probably not (even if it does have some of the cutest character models known to man!).

One point that I feel I do need to mention though, is that despite the fantastic work down with skin and textures as per usual, Blue Sky do seem to have gotten water and its general fluidity a little wrong in this particular outing! Watch carefully at the puddles and you’ll notice that all of a sudden, water just got a whole lot more viscous than what it should be! :)

Anyway, back home and our peaceful night’s sleep was disturbed by a fairly loud and continuous high-pitched commotion which, on a C investigation, revealed that our boys had captured and killed (or at least were in the process of playing to death with) a rather large mouse. Needless to say, this was the first evening in which none of the cats could spend the night on the bed with us – our bedroom door was well and truly shut tight!

Saturday morning and while C got ready for work, I got around to tidying up the house a tad and doing some impromptu shopping in order to get the place into an at least presentable state before Merkaba showed up at our door. Of course, with C away at work, it was the start of a wonderfully geeky Saturday that saw us hit the shops for our usual gaming and computer browsing session, followed by some frantic Marvel Ultimate Alliance Bashing (punctuated with a delicious batch of freshly made pancakes for lunch), a viewing of the animated Invincible Iron Man movie and then of course, the expected visit to Ooskus fisheries for some delightful fish and chips for supper, something C was glad to be home in time for, I’m sure! The evening was then finally rounded off with a screening of Katsuhiro Otomo’s wonderful Steamboy anime movie, a film that both Terrance and I certainly enjoyed, but a movie that Chantelle couldn’t quite stay awake all the way through. Needless to say, I wasn’t all that surprised on that one! :P

Sunday and I was back on my lonesome with C back at work (her bosses are now in America for the next two months, meaning she’s going to be on duty for just about 60 days straight!), leaving me plenty of time to whip up this new Samurai Champloo theme that you currently see before you, as well as to tinker around with bits and pieces of miscellaneous code and hardware settings. Oh, and more household chores of course. Those never seem to lessen I tell you!

Anyway, I did at least manage to fit some fanboy stuff in though, finishing up Kamen no Maid Guy (at last!) and getting to grips with some of the unread comic books that are currently threatening to envelop me when I turn and look the other way. Chantelle did eventually arrive home and once firmly settled in, she created a fantastic supper consisting of chicken burgers with chips, combined with Malva pudding and custard, all devoured while sitting in front of the TV and watching Anna and the King of all things – which does happen to be quite an engaging movie just by the way!

So that’s that then. Apart from Terrance’s visit on Saturday I really didn’t get up to all that much, in other words, the perfect recovery time for my stiff and still sore knees thank you very much! :)