Is it just me, or do all of the traffic departments/municipalities around the Western Cape have a sudden huge injection of cash, because quite frankly, everywhere you look these new, bright yellow speeding cameras are going up left, right and center!

Now I don’t know much about speeding cameras, but one thing that I do notice is that these new units are split into two separate parts, one larger and one smaller unit, the first usually standing a fair bit behind the latter. The larger one I’ll take as being the standard flash and picture taker unit, but does that then mean that the smaller one is the actual sensing unit?

If it is, then naturally one would assume that the department no longer needs to lay down lines for these types of speed traps, inherently leading to more speed traps going up at a much faster rate than in the past, simply because no one has to touch a road in the way it doesn’t want to be touched any more?

Crap. Guess we’d better be even more vigilant on the roads than what we were before. Already the buggers have nearly got me and it’s only the beginning of the month (kind of anyway)! :)