Craig OlympusUgh, I guess it was inevitable that between the sick David and Kim back at the office, I would succumb to the dreaded head cold. It all started yesterday at work and when I arrived home (having immediately opted to give karate a rest thanks to my throbbing head and aching body), all I could manage for the rest of the evening was to lie down on the bed and peruse through some comic books before turning out the lights and heading into a fairly restless sleep. Ugh. Thank goodness I’m working from home today so that I can at least rest my head every now and then when looking at the monitor tires me out, but I’m guessing that tonight is pretty much going to be the same as last night’s ritual.

Thankfully though this cold decided to only strike me yesterday, because if it had struck any earlier then I would have missed the most awesome dinner event ever conceived on Tuesday evening when Chantelle finally lived our her hosting fantasy and played chef supreme to Andy, Albert and myself over dinner and drinks. Now we’ve been threatening to invite Andy and Albert over for supper for almost a year now, and finally out of excuses and scheduling clashes, we laid down the invite and come 19:30 (perfectly on time!) with red roses in hand, a clean-shaven Albert and dressed up Andy arrived on our doorstep, ready to kuier.

Now what they didn’t know is that Chantelle had been hard at work the whole day already, polishing, washing and scrubbing the house down, leaving the place so sparkly clean that I had a hard time believing that this was actually our house! Everything was dusted, packed away, the candles were out in full force and the oven was happily steaming to itself as Chantelle cheerfully set about preparing a three course meal fit for kings!

After enjoying some relaxed chatter and copious amounts of wine, we then sat down to begin with a delicious starter of some sort of onion tart, followed by mains consisting of potato wedges, pumpkin fritters and the most divine, sauce-dribbled pork cuts, followed by dessert which was creme brulee made to perfection (with Chantelle frightening the crap out of us with her rather potent blowtorch!)

Needless to say, the evening was a huge success, with Andy and Albert only leaving deep, deep into the night, leaving a pooped out, but satisfied as all hell, Chantelle just sitting there with this freaky huge grin on her face! :P

So, glad I wasn’t sick for that, but am glad that I’m sick enough not to do anything physical at the moment, giving me the perfect excuse to tuck into my new DVDs that arrived courtesy of yesterday morning: Ultimate Avengers 1 and 2 and Justice League: The New Frontier – all of which should be pretty awesome. So just need to get through some work today and then I’ll be able to play the sick trump card and get pampered all night long!

Seriously, it really does pay off to be sick when you’re living with a loved one! :)