A Good Way to Start at your New Work Wallpaper! General Nonsense | My Life 10 JUL 2009

So our new software simian, Stephen Lee, kicks off his new life here at Touchwork as part of the development team with Dave and myself, and I currently find myself sitting here busy setting up his PC so that he can start come Monday morning with the minimum of disruptions.

Of course, in the interest of helping Stephen adapt to his new environment as smoothly as possible, I’ve decided to give him a little helping hand by supplying him with this handy wallpaper on his computer desktop.

Needless to say, I’m sure he will find it most enlightening don’t you think?

Rory Florence The Boss Wallpaper Resized
Click to get the full wallpaper

(Hey, what can I say? Always good to know when you are going to be thrown into a barrel of part-time jokers right? Not sure what Rory thinks of this one just yet though…:D)

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