Chantelle and I have moved apart.

Shock, horror, surprise, but we have. Well moved apart in the sense of not living together any more, for the next four months at least. The thing is, we’ve both decided it the best thing to do, partly because it will aid in re-igniting that excitement factor of the living together part when we do finally tie the knot in four months’ time, partly because we both feel it the right thing to do if we want to build this marriage and take it forward on a Christian path, and partly because it makes it much easier to look the pastor in the eye during our upcoming marriage course sessions.

(The last one is a bit of a joke, but it is actually thanks to meeting with him for the first time that we accelerated our original plan of splitting up before the marriage anyway! :P)

So, as of yesterday Chantelle is now officially living at Gordon’s Beach Lodge for at least the next two months while her bosses are out cavorting in America, and once they’re back I’ll probably move back in with my parents (if they’ll let me stay there for awhile!) and then for the last home straight, Chantelle will probably move back in with her folks in order to oversee the last of the wedding arrangements from a base closer to the Durbanville area.

Of course, after having lived with someone for quite some time now, it’s kind of hard to get used to the idea of living on your own again (especially the empty bed bit), but on the brighter side of things, dates and the simple act of eating supper together feels all that more exciting again and I’m beginning think we’ll both enjoy this little adventure in living apart, far more than what we think right at this very moment.

And besides, like I mentioned above, we both feel it is the right thing, and arguable the more correct thing, to do anyway! :)

Moving House
Stock photo, obviously. Not us silly billy!

But hold on a second. Did I just say marriage course?

Yup, well that was originally one of the pre-conditions for Gary from Parklands CCB marrying us and because Chantelle places quite a great deal on this idea of a course (or counselling as you may want to call it) anyway, it seemed logical to pick up on it sooner than later. So finally we’ve found someone that will actually run the course for us, and as of Thursday last week, we are now officially enrolled in a marriage course, courtesy of the Somerset West branch Christ Church and under the direction of a wonderful man by the name of Gavin Millard.

So don’t bother trying to get hold of me on a Thursday evening, I’ll be in counselling. Followed most likely by dance lessons, more on which I’ll get to the next time I get around to posting about our personal lives! ;)