papa roach infest album coverWithout a doubt, my favourite album during that period where I moved from my ‘teens into my twenties was that of Infest, the debut major-label album (and second album overall) from Californian hard rock band Papa Roach, one of the few bands I still continue to support to this day.

Unfortunately (from my perspective), as time progressed they’ve opted to go for a more hard rock approach to their sound, but in these glorious early days it was very much a wonderful smorgasbord of raw energy, incorporating elements of nu metal, hard rock, and rap-core to great effect. The songs were invigoratingly powerful, the lyrics bold and unapologetic and quite frankly, there just wasn’t anyone who could match the sheer excitement that listening to their material could evoke.

Despite the fact that there wasn’t a single poor quality song across the length of the album, Jacoby Shaddix and the boys had to kick off with something as their debut single from the album and so they went with this one, Last Resort. Take a listen, it pretty much sums up the energy, passion and strong lyrical content that made this album as awesome as it was!

I loved it then, and I still love it now (even I don’t necessary have much connection to the actual lyrical content. It’s just the beat and the energy baby! :D)

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