Squash PlayersHeh, felt good to smack around little balls for a change this weekend. Unfortunately for me, back in the day I was quite into the idea of chasing down a little black ball and smashing it back against a wall in the hopes of making my chum on the other side look like a right fool, but my dearest beloved Chantelle doesn’t quite share this passion for hitting balls around a court-like structure I’m afraid. Of course, the fact that I now have to live with two rather dodgy knees hasn’t helped the cause either, all of which helps prop up the fact that in the full year and a bit that I’ve been staying here in Gordon’s Bay, I’ve only ever used the complex squash and tennis courts literally a handful of times, probably less than five in total!

Needless to say, not a stat to be proud of. :(

But this weekend I received a rare treat, where due to the various activities plotted for Saturday and Sunday, meant I ended up sleeping in Bellville on Saturday night over at my parents’ place, meaning that come 07:00 Sunday morning, Ryan, Pops and myself were happily smacking the ball around on Virgin Active Tygervalley’s squash courts. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience because it feels like I haven’t held a squash racquet since way back last year already (which is exactly when last I did grip a squash racquet mind you), and to get onto the court (even in my fairly hobbled state) was tons of fun. I didn’t push hard, my knees complained slightly as they always do, and I pretty much was solidly thrashed the whole time by monsieurs Ryan and Pops (who probably hopped around on one leg just to make the game a bit more challenging) but by the end of the session I walked away smiling from ear to ear.

I seriously can’t believe just how much I’m missing it!!

Luckily for me though, given Chantelle’s and my current living apart pact, in a month or two I’ll find myself living back at my parents’ place for a little while (at least a month or two), meaning I’m going to be getting plenty of opportunity to smack that little black dot of rubber around and around again – much to my heart’s content (and my knees’ discontent) I’m sure! :)

Now back on topic and the other game featuring a little round ball that I indulged in this weekend was surprise, surprise, a spot of table tennis, all brought about by the random events of Ryan’s XBOX still having not been replaced and Mr. Brown shooing us away thanks to him currently working away at his assignments over Saturday afternoon (bugger has even gone and got his board exam thingie scheduled for our wedding day!). All this lead to a potentially bored Ryan and I hauling out the dusty table tennis table and setting it up in the now rather empty garage, thanks to the fact that Dad’s caravan is still away undergoing its routine maintenance service.

Of course, as is always the case, it took a little while to start building up the rally lengths, but once our eyes were in we ended up playing for a good solid couple of hours, even enticing Mom and Pops to join us for a bit of doubles. Amazingly enough, Ryan and I churned out one close game after another for pretty much the whole afternoon session, but thankfully in the end I took the afternoon honours with a fair number of games in hand. (But to be fair, he later returned to convincingly thrash me in order to take the evening session’s trophy!)

Must admit though, P.O.D’s Boom was sorely missed. Perhaps the next time we’re there we’ll need to rig up some sound system Mr. Ryan?