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Simple Scramble is a very basic tool useful for providing simple plain-text obfuscation by means of a simple text encoding, rendering the encoded text illegible to the naked eye. The algorithm is particularly simple and reversible, meaning that Simple Scramble shouldn’t be used where actual content security is essential, but for base level obfuscation and quick implementation time, Simple Scramble is certainly more than handy.

Quite frankly, I needed an extremely simple two-way text obfuscation application for some of the work documentation I was in the process of crafting and wanting desperately to jump in on the Adobe AIR bandwagon to see what it is all about – in other words the perfect marriage of desire and opportunity. The result is the quickly baked Simple Scramble AIR application which I have now decided to release into the wild simply because I can – funnily enough, making this the first one out of the well over two hundred and twenty desktop applications and utilities that I’ve crafted over the years ever to be released in the wild!

To grab the Adobe AIR-based CodeUnit Simple Scramble utility, grab it here.

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