Project Wonderful LogoAaaw crapsticks.

I don’t blog to try and make a profit, I produce good quality content because that’s what I like to do, finished and klaar. But earning a little money here and there is never a bad thing, and so I introduced adverts to this blog some time ago already, back when I still had the previous House of C comic strip theme going on the site. I went with Project Wonderful as my primary advertisement provider because I really like the generally webcomic-related ads that get served via their platform and to date I have just over $20 sitting in my account with them – which is exactly where the problem lies I have now unfortunately discovered.

Having decided that I’d like to cash out my meager earnings at long last, I attempted to withdraw my funds from Project Wonderful and the first warning sign appeared when I discovered that the only way you can retrieve your funds is by linking your PayPal account to them. So no problem right?

Well not if you’re South African it would seem! Here’s the note I got from the team:


Your withdrawal request has not been accepted. There appears to be a problem with it. The reason for rejection was:

Sorry, when we send funds to your account we get this error: Currently PayPal accounts in South Africa are only able to send payments. This recipient is not eligible to receive funds. Please correct this if you can and retry! You can use another PayPal address, or you can spend your earnings internally on advertising with Project Wonderful.

No funds have been withdrawn from your account.

This concludes the withdrawal process for this request.

Thanks for using Project Wonderful!

Aaaaaargh! This means that there is now no way to release my hard-earned cash from their coffers, meaning I may as well just lock up my account and throw away the key.

Sigh, wonderful. Just plain wonderful… :(

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