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Just a quick note to mention that I’m finally getting my act together and am in the process of tying all of my various online (and mostly hidden away) personas and content aggregated and linked to from a single source, namely the main domain which formerly hosted Ryan’s and my joint CodeUnit.ZA project (that didn’t last particularly long at all in the end!)

This also means that I now have a nice place and opportunity to toy around with the various available web application APIs out there, meaning I’m going to have fun pulling in stuff from things like Facebook, flickr and Twitter just to name a few.

The idea is to have a central repository for everything I do online, making it easier for me to disseminate tools and information as well as mitigate the danger of my keeping all my source code, writings and ideas stuffed away on a volatile portable hard drive here on my desk at home. Most of all though, it’s just another step in digitally opening my life up as much as possible and in so doing leave some sort of digital and accessible legacy highlighting the fact that I actually did do something with my life after all! :P

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