Karate SparringThis weekend is shaping up to be a good one if you ask me. Last weekend was an absolute blast, thanks to the fact that Ryan, Terrance, Dean, Zania, Michelle, Damen, Wayne and Candice (we missed you Karl and Trish!) all made their respective ways through to Gordon’s Beach Lodge in order to catch the rugby, enjoy a braai and chat the night away. And while Ryan and Terrance opted to return after the night’s proceedings, the others stayed on, slept over and then enjoyed a typical GBL breakfast with Chantelle and myself the next morning, culminating in an awesome walk along the harbour pier wall on one of the sunniest days we’ve experienced for quite some time here in Winter-gripped Gordon’s Bay!

Anyway, tonight we’re playing host to Wayne and Candice once more, with us most likely heading out for a pleasant supper together while Saturday sees me partake in my first Funakoshi tournament to which I’m looking quite forward, even if I know that my chances of doing well in the kata and semi-contact points kumite are rather slim. Not my favourite disciplines in the first place, and the fact that my knee really hasn’t played along the last while means I’m not holding my hopes up too high. But nevertheless, it is going to be a great experience and I’ll be competing alongside a whole host of my training partners from the dojo, so it should be a fabulous affair. The tournament kicks off at 09:00 and should last pretty much the whole day, hosted at Somerset House Primary School here in Somerset West. So if you don’t have anything better to do, you’re more than welcome to pop along and see what we Funakoshi karateka get up to! :)

Oh and even though his heart was torn in two by the bungling of the car dealer that saw him lose his much prized purchase of a shiny Mazda 3, Ryan is still coming out to support me, so I’m looking forward to that as well. (Chantelle on the other hand knows just how boring these days can be, and so she’s decided to rather busy herself with a trip through to Bellville and a mission to sort out our gift registry instead).

Sunday and unfortunately Zania and Dean have decided to travel through to Hermanus for Zania’s birthday, so no cake and celebrations there, but I’m pretty sure we’ll come up with something to do – that is of course unless I take a few nasty knocks come Saturday’s tournament!

Oh, and in the few free hours that I do manage to scrounge up over the weekend (if that’s actually possible), I’ll definitely continue hammering out more details for our newly christened honeymoon road-trip plan which is shaping up quite nicely if I say so myself! Excel spreadsheet, Bing Maps, the works I tell you!

But above all that, a break from work work is probably the thing I’m looking most forward to of all – damn it’s been a busy week here at Touchwork! I think that I now finally understand why meetings are the bane of SO many peoples’ lives the world over! :D

Ah, final point. Only saw now that this is in fact my 1400th post. Yay me! :P