Alan Committie Bigger Better FasterSorry, life has been keeping me pretty busy as of late, so I didn’t even get around to mentioning the fact that last week Tuesday the Montgomery clan and Chantelle and myself found ourselves duly seated in the Theatre at the Bay, waiting in anticipation for the arrival of the “One Man Committee of Comedy”, Mr. Alan Committie himself!

The show we were seated to enjoy was Bigger! Better!! Faster!!!, a kind of continuation on the theme of his last one-man show, Stressed to Kill (which Chantelle and I caught last year), and directly based on his test show Stressed for Success which he ran for four weeks at the Kalk Bay theatre back in June 2008. The show has since grown up, lengthened into two hours of jaw-dropping funny material and the end result is Alan’s hilarious 11th one man show extravaganza.

This time around Committie continues to explore all those strange and quirky issues that seem to create stress in our lives, things like the pressure of business, the wild ramblings of over-motivated motivational speakers, tiny hotels with their even smaller bathrooms, shopping trips and even why every movie out these days seems to somehow be either a remake or a re-imagining!

From self-help books, Olympic disappointments, our seemingly desperate need to dumb down an already dumbed-down education, Alan lets loose a myriad of hilarious observations and some extremely witty puns, all backed with his excellent interaction with a crowd almost completely at his sardonic mercy.

And of course, one mustn’t forget the inimitable part-time security guard Johan van der Walt who stands ready to wax lyrical on love and relationships – and even on why Ruda Landman really ended up leaving Carte Blanche…

The end result of it all is a night of absolute laughter, tears and perhaps the slightest drop of wee wee as he has you laughing away from start to finish.

If you missed it, then you most certainly missed out my friend!

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